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XAwTV is a program to watch TV with Linux. It contains xawtv, a tv viewer and scantv for doing a channel scan.

Download sources


Build it

To build it, find out your distribution and proceed accordingly:


To build xawtv and the included scantv, open a console and enter

yast -i make automake autoconf gcc-c++ zvbi-devel gtk2-devel
./autogen.sh && ./configure && make -j8 && make install

Scan for channels

To scan for channels, open a console and enter


xawtv 3 stores the channel list under .tv, for xawtv 4 it is not so easy to predict where the channel list will be stored, e.g. it can be under /usr/local/share/xawtv. To find out where the channel list is stored run

strace -e open scantv


Symptom: After installation of nxtvepg there is no more video, but still audio.

Reason: NextView starts an own daemon

Solution: Uninstall nxtvepg


A very good irc chat channel is #linuxtv on freenode.net.