Connect to the internet via an UMTS connection using SUSE 11.4 using any desktop environment

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This describes an example how to surf via UMTS under Linux. The example has been done on 2012-02-10 in Germany with the otelo SurfStick in the Vodaphone network on SUSE Linux 11.4.. It may work same or similar with another hardware, distribution, phone network or country. Here are the steps I took after buying:

Activate it

Due to Vodaphone requirements I had to hand out my ID card to the shop assistant and she activated the surf stick for me.

Use it

  • Download umtsmon
  • extract it to ~/umtsmon
  • attach your USB device Surf Stick
  • Start umtsmon, enter your pin
  • Choose Connection|Manage profiles
  • Add a profile with the APN, save it
  • Click Connection|Connect.
  • surf to e.g. to get to the otelo's payment dialog


no payment website

Symptom: You do not get a web site that allows you to pay for your UMTS connection

Reason: is not reachable. This must be reachable for payment check

Solution: make sure there are name servers configured for your system. E.g. have a line


in your /etc/resolv.conf