Take a video from your Linux desktop

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To record a video from your desktop (like a screenshot, just video, also known as screencast) you can use


  • open a console
  • decide if your current resolution fits. If it does not, change it using xrandr, e.g.
xrandr -s "640x480"
  • install recordmydesktop, in this example for SUSE Linux:
yast -i recordmydesktop
  • start the video recording with the command
  • the result will be a file e.g. out-1.ogv. To convert it to a more efficient size, use e.g.
ffmpeg -i out-1.ogv -f mp4 out-1.mp4

Record a window only

Use xwininfo to find out the window ID, then start recordmydesktop like

recordmydesktop --windowid 0x2400014


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