Set up a web calendar

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This article describes how you can set up a web calendar that you can access with a browser. We use the squirrelmail web calendar. A precondition for this tutorial to work is that you have set up web mail as described in squirrelmail.

Download from, then

tar xvzf calendar_file_backend-1.0-2.0.tar.gz
cd calendar_file_backend

Read the file README. Then configure the calendar plugin:

cd /srv/www/htdocs/mail/plugins

choose Plugins -> Calendars, then save and quit.

Where is the calendar file

For backup purposes or when you want to use another computer, you need to know where your calendar is stored. It is in your data directory, that can be one of:


For the user myuser and the year 2008.

I believe that you were pbobarly experiencing the corrupted inbox bug ().With regards to roundcube, just install the roundcube package from the repositories, then head to (or maybe ).Get your gmail to retrieve POP3, then just connect using IMAP to your gmail account but really if your going to use webmail, then you may as well just stick to gmail rather than installing your own webmail server