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One of the best ways to get questions answered is to ask them to other users. This is what IRC (internet relay chat) is about. While participating you can ask and at the same time you are encouraged to answer other users' questions when you are able to. I will describe two possibilities here, using a web site for chatting and using a chat program. The chat program will give you a bit more comfort, on the other hand it needs to be installed before using it.

Chat via web browser

The following instructions can be viewed as a video here.

To join a chat on KDE,

  • point your browser to
  • decide for a nickname for yourself and enter it
  • as channel, enter #kde
  • enter the text that is shown graphically (it is a captcha to keep away spammers)
  • click on Connect

You will get a chance to talk with all other participants on the channel #kde. To join another channel (about fedora in this example), enter

/join #fedora

Chat via a program

If you want more comfortability than a browser can give you, you can install IRC applications like Quassel. The programs we have found good are listed below.


get quassel

To get quassel, find out your distribution and proceed accordingly:

SUSE Linux

For SUSE Linux you should not use the binaries that come with your distribution, so install from source:

yast -i cmake libqt4-devel
bunzip2 Downloads/quassel*
tar xvf Downloads/quassel*
cd quassel*
cmake . && make -j8 && make install