HP OfficeJet 6700

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I installed the HP OfficeJet 6700 by switching it on an following the instructions on the printer's display. That's also how I connected it to WLAN. Then, on my computer I made sure cups is running and surfed to http://localhost:631. When I clicked on Printer -> Add Printer it appeared automatically as "Network Printer". I selected DIN A4 as paper size and double-sided printing Long-Edge (Standard). This means that you will be able to bind your papers on the long edge. As driver I chose hpcups. As paper format I chose "A4 210x297mm".

Printing the test page with duplex print, this works bad. The printer cannot print onto the full length of first side because it has to keep the paper partially in in order to be ready to draw back and turn around the paper. The printer test page will be cut off at about 1.5cm above the lower end of the paper:

If you turn off duplex print this problem exists no longer:

The hpcups driver needs 3x3 millimeters of margin

The hpijs driver has a higher margin waste (13 millimeters instead of 3)

However, although the Test Page comes out better with the hpcups driver, a letter from LibreOffice comes out better with the hpijs driver:

Printing with the hpcups driver under LibreOffice yielded ugly non-printed margins

Printing with the hpijs driver under LibreOffice works without un-printed margins.


To get the scanning functionality to work you need to install the package hplip, e.g. under SUSE Linux:

yast -i hplip


paper size

The cups paper settings that make sense for me are:

  • A4 210x297mm
  • A4 Borderless 210x297mm
  • Index Card A4 210x297mm
  • A4 AutoDuplex 210x297mm
  • Custom

For a pity there is no explanation (Borderless printing? Yes of course I want this, what is the disadvantage?)


As said, there are two drivers, the default, new one, hpcups and the old one, hpijs. If you want to print good test pages, use hpcups, if you want to print documents, use hpijs.

duplex print

Duplex print setting in cups can be

  • Off
  • long edge
  • short edge


I am using SUSE Linux 13.2 with cups-1.5.4-21.6.1.x86_64 and libreoffice-


With SUSE Linux, the scanner was not detected when calling yast2 scanner. To overcome this I had to install the package hplip.