Encrypt a disk

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Sometimes in your Linux life, you want to carry your data on a disk, but well encrypted so no one else can steal and read it. This article describes how to format and encrypt a disk. It uses SUSE Linux 11.1 as example, but it should work same or similar with any distribution.

Encrypt it

  • Start the disk partitioner
yast2 disk
  • Select a partition you want to format or a disk where you want to add an encrypted partition
  • Choose Format partition and "encrypt file system"
  • If you get an information that you need to install "pam_mount", allow this
  • choose "next"
  • enter a password for your system => next => finish

Test it

# cryptsetup -v luksOpen /dev/sdd1 blah
Enter LUKS passphrase:                                        
key slot 0 unlocked.                                          
Command successful.

# mount /dev/mapper/blah /mnt/test

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