Play a CD

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Playing a CD under Linux is like rocket-science. Find out your distribution and proceed accordingly:

SUSE Linux 11.4

We will use vlc as media player. Do not reboot during the following instructions:

# hwinfo --cdrom --short
  /dev/sr0             HL-DT-ST DVD+-RW GH50N
  • Priviledge ordinary users to access the CDROM drive:
# chmod 777 /dev/sr0
  • Find out your sound device
# ls /dev/dsp*
  • Priviledge ordinary users to access the sound device:
# chmod 777 /dev/dsp
  • add a repository: yast2 -> software -> software repositories -> add -> community repositories -> pacman
  • install vlc
# yast -i vlc
  • create an ordinary user
# useradd -m myuser
  • assign a password to the ordinary user
# passwd myuser
  • graphically log out and log in again as ordinary user
  • start vlc:
# vlc
  • select Media -> Open Disc... -> Audio CD
  • as disc device, enter your CDROM drive, e.g. /dev/sr0
  • start playing with title 0


CD playing software includes

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