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You can use the FRITZ!Box 7312 in a Windows-free environment, you do not need any Windows-software to initialize it. You must connect it to your LAN and surf to to configure it.


It has been said that the FritzBox 7312's WLAN is okay for a flat, but too weak for a house. The FritzBox 7270's WLAN is supposed to be strong enough for a house, it has three antennas etc.. I wanted to test this. So I put my Latitude 2100 into a cellar room and started the command

iwlist scanning | grep -Ei "quality|essid"

I used the same command with a FritzBox 7312 and with a FritzBox 7270 with the same laptop with the same distribution on the same position, same kernel etc. The result was

device quality of WLAN
FritzBox 7312 31/70
FritzBox 7270 41/70

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