Watch tv using a hauppauge pvr usb 2 and ubuntu 11.10

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To watch TV using my Hauppauge PVR USB 2 tuner and Ubuntu 11.10

  • install Ubuntu 11.10
  • install vlc
  • find out which video devices you have. Video devices can come e.g. from your webcam and - when we have it connected - from your TV tuner:
$ ls /dev/video*
ls: cannot access /dev/video*: No such file or directory
in this case we do not have a webcam or any other video device seen by the system.
  • plug your tuner into a USB slot, connect the antenna cable and connect power
  • find out which video device has been added:
$ ls /dev/video*
in this case, /dev/video0 is our video device
  • kill all processes that block your video device:
$ lsof | grep video
nautilus  1769  bootstick  mem       REG       8,34    46824    3691 /usr/lib/
ok, there is a process nautilus blocking the video device. Kill it
$ killall nautilus
verify it is killed
$ killall nautilus
nautilus: no process found
verify there is no other process
$ lsof | grep video
  • install a video viewer
sudo apt-get install mplayer
  • now it is time to see if there is any video signal at all from the TV tuner. Expect to see snow or a TV channel with this command:
mplayer /dev/video0

What can go wrong

It happens sometimes that you see nothing but a green screen after starting

mplayer /dev/videox

In this case it helped me to reboot my computer.

Switching channels

You can now switch TV channels if you know the frequency of your stations. For example if i want to watch hr in Germany I use

echo "55250000" > /sys/class/pvrusb2/sn-8567330/ctl_frequency/cur_val

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