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emulate your mouse with the keyboard

See emulate your mouse with the keyboard.

renaming several files

Rename several files using the command

rename 's/BEFORE/AFTER/g' *

favorite Linux-Tools

history|awk '{print $2}'|awk 'BEGIN {FS="|"} {print $1}'|sort|uniq -c|sort -rn|head -10

find out which files are accessed by a program

To find out which files are accessed by a program start it with

strace -e open program

find out program that belongs to a window

Sometimes a window pops up and you do not know which program it is. For example you have just created a fresh user and when he logs in, he sees a window that you would like to get rid of. So you need to search where the window's program is called. So, every window is associated with a process. To find that out, call xprop and click on the window you want information about.

convert images in a batch job

Use the command convert:

convert name.format name.jpg

did you know...

split files can split files using the command split.