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= Printers =
= Printers =
* [[Brother]]
* [[Brother DCP-J140W]]
* [[HP OfficeJet 6700]]
* [[HP OfficeJet 6700]]
= See also =
= See also =
* [[cups]]
* [[cups]]

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Set default printer

lpadmin -d name


print several pages on one

psnup -4  | lpr
(psnup -2 in.ps > out.ps)


After I set my printer from network to local it did not print any longer. In http://localhost:631 the jobs would just disappear saying they have been processed. I was using SUSE Linux.

So I called kwrite from a console and typed something, then I selected file->print.

On the console I saw an error message:

lp: Error - unable to access "lpr" - No such file or directory

Now calling lpr directly gave me:

# lpr
lpr: Error - scheduler not responding.

Googling that I found that someone else had had the same problem and solved it by calling yast2 printer. So I called

yast2 printer

and the first thing that thing told me was that my network print server does not respond any longer and it asked me to agree I will not use it any longer. I agreed, and now printing works again.


See also