Install SUSE Linux on netbooks

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Installing SUSE Linux on netbooks is hard because

  • netbooks tend to have the 32bit instruction set
  • netbooks tend to have less RAM
  • netbooks tend to not have a DVD drive


  • using unetbootin to install SUSE Linux onto a USB drive does not work
  • creating a USB disk from a SUSE Linux installation is tedious
  • dumping the install media to a USB stick works and is described below


  • download the 32bit install DVD from
  • the media size will be about 4.7 GB
  • use a 8 GB USB stick or bigger, attach it to your computer
  • in this example we assume it is attached as /dev/sdx
  • dump the install media to the USB stick
dd if=suse12.1-32bit.iso of=/dev/sdx
  • boot from the USB stick and you will find an installation routine just as if you had booted from DVD